Jessie Penner

Jessie Penner, MA, LMFTA

Life will always present challenges, and we will always be pushed to adapt; but this does not mean we have to do it alone. Whether you are simply looking for someone in whom to confide or a helping hand, I want to offer you a judgment-free space of support. I strongly believe that having a place to be present with your emotions can make all the difference. I have always trusted that the human brain is innately programmed to be resilient and powerful. And your mind is nothing short of incredible. Nonetheless, we all have our own struggles that make us feel as though we are not resilient and not powerful. My goal is to help you recognize that you are both. I am passionate about guiding others to self-identify and appreciate the many traits that make them uniquely wonderful. During our time together, we will explore your strengths, coping mechanisms, and support systems to foster resilience during your challenging time. I practice psychotherapy with the desire to create a personalized experience for each and every client. Therapy sessions are flexible and multifaceted through the use of different theoretical approaches and modalities. Your therapeutic goals will determine our course of treatment. I became deeply interested in a therapy career ever since I began my undergraduate psychology studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I have immersed myself into the field ever since then by finding jobs that would broaden my understanding of people as well as my experience as a clinician. My involvement in a trauma and resilience lab, my role as a court advocate for victims of domestic violence, and my position as a rape crisis companion all led me to want to pursue my passion for therapy. I then received my Masters at Pfeiffer University in Marriage and Family Therapy. I specifically chose to be a Marriage and Family Therapist
because I had become blatantly aware of how crucial everyone’s support system is in their path to healing. In addition to my interests in psychology and people, I enjoy being active, cooking or baking and trying new recipes, as well as being outside on a sunny day by the water!“ The beach isn’t always a place. Sometimes it’s a feeling.” -Unknown.